Swiss-made interdental brush by Curaprox

State-of-the-art primary prophylaxis for the health conscious

Curaprox CPS brushes take care of the interdental spaces – the parts of your teeth that you cannot reach with conventional brushing. Make this your new primary aid for oral care; protect your teeth and gums where it matters the most.

Interdental issues, resolved

The interdental space is the most vulnerable part of your teeth: it is susceptible to bacteria, and impossible to reach with regular brushing.

Bacteria build up between your teeth and produce toxic waste, which erodes the enamel and irritates gums. Gum disease begins in the interdental spaces and spreads across gums. And all that starts with a little bacterial build-up between your teeth. 

The solution is simple: brush between your teeth. To enable that, we designed a specialised interdental brush.

Efficient cleaning, long-lasting results

The ultra-soft high-density bristles get into every nook and cranny of your interdental space, disrupting the bacterial colonies and ensuring safety for your gums and enamel.  

To clean out the interdental space, gently slide the brush between the teeth. One simple in-and-out movement is enough to keep your interdental space safe.

If you have never used an interdental brush before, you might experience gum bleeding. Bleeding is a symptom of ongoing gum inflammation, which can be reduced with proper usage of interdental brushes. You should see a reduction in bleeding after just 3-7 days of interdental brushing.

Within just a week, you will notice an improvement as your gums become healthier. Continue using your CPS interdental brushes for a long-lasting effect.

Tailored for you

Everyone has a unique shape and placement of teeth. To accommodate for every situation, the CPS series comes in a variety of sizes, starting at 0.6 mm. This is small enough to reach even the smallest of spaces.

The ultra-durable and flexible Cural® stem uses a flexible surgical wire to ensure easy and effective application.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist to precisely measure your interdental spaces. Use this measurement to order the interdental brushes that suit your teeth perfectly.

Better for the environment

To minimise plastic waste, we designed a clip-on brush head and specialised multi-use handles. Choose the handle that suits you and use it with any interdental head by Curaprox.

A fresh start for your teeth

Interdental brushes help fight bad breath, protect your enamel and contribute to preventing gum disease. Make interdental brushing an essential part of your daily brushing ritual and see the results within the first weeks.

1. Get your interdental spaces precisely measured by your dental professional

2. Order the interdental brushes that fit your teeth perfectly