Sept 2023

iTop for orthodontic and implant patients


Oct 2023

iTop for orthodontic and implant patients
What are B2E’s?

Prime Dental offers sponsored educational training for all oral and non-oral health professionals in a dental practice.  It’s a great opportunity to network and earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.  They are provided in your dental practice, free of charge.   These 1-hour sessions encourage the entire dental team to learn about new techniques, technology or products related to dentistry.   During these sessions the oral health professionals and their teams listen to lectures and participate in hands-on demonstrations led by our Oral Care Specialists.  Topics include biofilm management, new technology chemical plaque removal practices, tooth whitening, xerostomia and more. 

Want to know more?

Book with your Oral Care Specialist and take advantage of an excellent opportunity to network with your team and build relationships within your practice.

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