The Curaprox Pro App

A win-win for dental professionals and patients. 

Because even the most diligent patients fall out of proper oral care habits, unless regularly reviewed by a dentist.

The new Curaprox App will motivate your patients to visit you more, enables you to easily communicate with and support them throughout the year, while providing them with quick tools & lessons on good oral hygiene.

It’s never been so easy

This app has changed our landscape. We are now able to fulfil our aim of fully supporting and guiding patients at all times, in other words, making prevention a reality.
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It’s never been easier to connect with your patients.

Now you can get noticed as a great dental professional, while helping your patients stay motivated. You can also earn loyalty points, shop products and advertise for free to your followers!

6 reasons to use the
Curaprox Pro App
Efficient Communication
Makes communication with existing patients easy and efficient
Gain New Patients
Prospective patients in the Curaprox community can easily find you via the location tool
Preventative Mindset
Creates a preventive oral care mindset that your patients will value
Extra Motivation
Provides support in motivating existing patients
Convenient Purchasing
Prescribed Curaprox products can be easily ordered by patients (“One Click Buy”)
Earn Loyalty Rewards
Provides rewards through the Curaprox loyalty program. Dental professionals earn points which they can redeem for a free products, marketing material, free iTOP course attendance, and others.

3 easy steps to using
the Curaprox Pro App

1. Register

Register your practice and connect with your patients by sending them a QR code.

2. Recommend

Recommend lessons, create learning campaigns and advise specific products to your patients.

3. Earn

Earn CuraPoints via your patient activity, and redeem them for products, training and more.