26th Aug 2021

“Our task is to recommend the proper mouth rinse according to the indications.”

Read takeaways from the webinar by Dr. Tihana Divnić-Resnik What are the most common myths and truths about chemical plaque control? Read the takeaways from the webinar by periodontist Dr. Tihana Divnić-Resnik.  Mouth rinses are commonly used as a substantial […]
24th Aug 2021

5 ways ‘Perio plus regenerate’ protects your patients

To keep your patient’s soft oral tissues well and protected is important at all times, but even more so after dental surgeries or in cases of treatment-related dry mouth. ‘Perio plus regenerate’ mouthwash is specifically designed to support tissue regeneration […]
18th Aug 2021

Infection Control and Prevention with Melanie Savvides

13th Aug 2021

Why mouthwashes are important for general health and how to use them for additional infection prevention

Dental professionals play an important role not only in oral health, but in human well-being in general. This gives dental care extra importance especially during epidemics, when cross-infection poses additional challenges. The good news is, you can do something about […]
3rd Aug 2021

What is Citrox®, and how does it work against infection in your patients’ mouths?

Research is starting to reveal the potential of mouthwashing procedures as an additional protection against viral and bacterial infections. Citrox® is one of the key ingredients of gargling solutions that helps fight them. But what is it really, and how […]
28th Jul 2021

Your back teeth: how to make them healthier today

An in-depth guide to the most advanced hygiene for your back teeth. For most people, the back teeth are much more challenging to take care of, compared to front teeth: Back teeth are harder to reach with regular (and even […]
8th Jul 2021

Always start with the most difficult places: A proper toothbrushing technique that actually works

There are many techniques for cleaning your teeth, but few that are acceptable and safe. We always recommend the one that is effective and built on human anatomy and our behavioural habits. We have shared this way of teaching on […]
6th Jul 2021

Everyone is talking about interdental brushing, but why do we need it?

Dear CURAPROX, My friends have been talking about switching from dental floss to interdental brushes for better oral care and more effective brushing. It seems that everyone is talking about interdentals, but how do I make sure they’re right for […]