10th Jun 2021

Enzymatic whitening: a safe way for your patients to whiten teeth at home

Although DIY bleaching kits have recently become very popular, their domestic use often carries great risks. To stay safe, it’s best for your patients to leave teeth whitening to the professionals. But what if they insist? Luckily, there is a […]
13th May 2021

Periodontitis shown to be a risk factor in Covid-19 severity

Learn how to emphasise gum disease prevention with your patients A recent study conducted on 568 patients with Covid-19 shows that periodontitis plays an important role in the course of the disease. Periodontitis, one of the most prevalent chronic inflammatory […]
4th May 2021

Education never stops. Read the takeaways from experts’ talks for dental professionals

Make the most of this time at home and watch the series of live webinars from the Curaden Academy. One of the most effective ways to feel better in these slow and unpredictable months is to invest time in things […]
22nd Apr 2021

Your Toothbrush: What you need to know

Oral care products have come a long way – from chewing sticks to high-tech ultrasonic devices. If you look at modern oral care technologies, you’ll be amazed at how powerful and empowering these tools have become, and how much of […]
20th Apr 2021
Hydrosonic Pro

Curaprox’s most advanced brushing system yet

This is Hydrosonic Pro: an electric toothbrush designed for advanced tasks in oral hygiene. It was conceived to help people with braces, implants, sensitive enamel and gum disease, but over time grew to become our most advanced oral hygiene system […]
30th Mar 2021

Inside Curaden: Christine Breitschmid

“If our products didn’t have a positive impact on people’s health, we would not sell them” Christine Breitschmid Her first job in the family company was packing toothbrushes. Now, she handles her own team of sales representatives and has been, step-by-step, […]
23rd Mar 2021

Dental Aerosol and a Viral Pandemic

Dental aerosol and a viral pandemic: What are the risks, and the means of protection, for dental professionals? The current viral pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-19 virus is already known to be a source of high health risk for many […]
2nd Mar 2021

A new study on Perio plus: Even low concentrations of CHX with additives are more effective against biofilm than pure CHX

Perio plus CHX formulations were active against the selected oral bacteria responsible for biofilm masses. A study recently published by researchers from the University of Bern in Switzerland brought important findings on one of the most frequently used ingredients in […]