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Peak Essentials The Original TUNG Gel®

Dentists and hygienists now recommend tongue cleansing as an essential part of complete oral care. Light gel rinses off the tongue cleaner than toothpaste

Unique great-tasting formula leaves tongue feeling tingly and fresh

Sudsing helps to remove bacteria and debris from the tongue

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TUNG Gel is a fresh, minty cleansing formula designed to help loosen and remove bacteria from the tongue crevices.
Our Zinc compound helps to neutralize the sulphur gas (what we smell as bad breath) emitted by the bacteria.

Why Not Just Use Your Toothpaste?

Standard toothpastes often contain fluoride, teeth-whitening and tartar control chemicals that may cause tongue irritation. In addition, toothpaste is “sticky” and will gunk up your brush.

When that happens, it provides an environment that is perfect for the growth of bacteria when you’re not using your brush.

The highly water soluble TUNG Gel rinses clean, leaving no residue buildup on the brush or on your tongue. When finished, it leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath fresh.

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