Perio Plus Focus Periodontal Gel 10ml (0.5% CHX + Hyaluronic acid) + CITROX
20th May 2019
Queen of Clean Floss Dispenser – 100m
3rd Jul 2019
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Man Floss Dispenser 100m

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To show white plaque being removed.

Seriously Good Value

Inside the dispenser is 2 x 50 metre rolls of tape! With refills at less than half price!


Our super wide design makes it seriously effective.

Wafer Thin

Wafer thin to slip between the teeth despite the width

Minty & Delicate on Gums

Soft to land gently on your gums with a freshmint aftertaste.

Uniquely Refillable

Refillable to go easy on your pocket and the environment

Sticky & Absorbent

Sticky for grip and to absorb what’s been dislodged

Tough Tape

Floss that is shred resistant….and by golly we’ve tried…

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Man Floss